System Optimization (SO) Trainings

System Optimization is a method that generates energy savings through optimizing the energy systems that consume significant energy amounts within a facility. SO may save much more energy (20-30% savings are possible) than the method of replacing individual components of a system with more energy efficient ones. Therefore, the payback periods of SO projects are typically short – from a few months up to a few years – and involve commercially available products and accepted engineering practices. However, many industrial managers are unaware of both the inefficient running of the existing systems or the benefits that could be derived from optimization for more efficient operation.

The 2 day Users Training is targeted to facility engineers, operators and maintenance staff of enterprises, equipment vendors and services providers. It is designed to teach how to assess equipment systems, identify potential improvement opportunities and achieve cost savings through proper operation and control, system maintenance and appropriate use of system output.

The Experts training is an intensive training delivered by leading international systems optimization experts to national energy efficiency experts, service providers, equipment vendors and industry engineers. This training provides more in depth technical information on trouble shooting and making improvements to industrial systems. This training also introduces basic principles for energy efficient design of systems, how to successfully sell systems improvement projects to management and how to select a system optimization service provider. National experts are trained through classroom, on-the-job and coaching by international experts.They are also equipped with the expertise, skills and tools required to provide the following services:


Technical assistance to enterprises and coaching facility personnel on system optimization projects development and implementation.
Conducting 2 day User Training on equipment systems assessment, identification of optimization measures, development and implementation of operational improvements.


Please note that those interested to participate in the Expert Program (factory representatives/consultants) are required to attend the 2-Days User Training.

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