Energy Management System (EnMS) Trainings

Energy Management System (EnMS) standards provide a proven policy-driven market-based tool and best-practice method to integrate energy efficiency in industry corporate culture and daily management.

Catagories of EnMS Trainings:
The ½ day Awareness workshop – introduction to the topic of industrial energy efficiency, energy management systems and ISO 50001 for enterprises top managers, stakeholders etc, and as a networking opportunity. The 2 day Users training is targeted to person(s) designated by enterprises as responsible for energy management and energy consultants.  The training will guide participants through the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle as it applies to the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
The Experts training is an intensive training delivered by leading international EnMS experts to national energy and management system professionals and industry energy managers.


Trained National experts will provide the following services:
Technical assistance to enterprises
Conducting 2 day User training

Please note that those interested to participate in the Expert Program (factory representatives/consultants) are required to attend the 2-Days User Training.


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